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Why Toni Fowler Cries when Tyronia asked these Questions?

Toni Fowler cries when Tyronia asked these questions. Toni Fowler’s new Vlog posts, “Things I never ask my mom by Tyronia Fowler.” Some questions from Tyronia that Toni tried to answer while explaining things. Here’s the vlogger Toni tries to answer and explain the things to her daughter’s question.

Toni Fowler shared that she recently talked to the lawyers about the process they will go through to finally recover the cars from her previous relationship “Rob Moya.”

Watch the full video below:

Toni became emotional when her daughter asked her if she was okay. According to Toni that there are times when Toni seems want to say that she is not okay but she need to be strong.

Full Video: Toni Fowler Ipina-Tulfo si Rob Moya para ibalik ang 2 sasakyan

Toni Fowler Received Violation Tickets from the Quezon City Task Force Disiplina

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