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Full Video: Toni Fowler Ipina-Tulfo si Rob Moya para ibalik ang 2 sasakyan

Toni Fowler Ipina-Tulfo si Rob Moya in order to get back her 2 cars and request not to use her daughter’s name in a Vlog. Toni said a few things about her ex-boyfriend and some of them are her ATM card and some cars.

Toni was surprised that Rob brough a car without consulting her first. Rob uses Toni’s saving money for her daughter future.

In fact, Rob had four cars named after him but Toni Fowler’s money used to buy them.

According to Toni, she had previously asked Rob not to mention the child’s name because she did not want to drag her name again especially and it is gradually becoming okay from their separation.

One of the things that Toni told Tulfo was that Rob kept mentioning the name of his daughter Tyronia. Although the child was not able to watch, Toni allegedly warned Rob not to mention her daughter’s name, who was also slowly moving on with their separation.

Rob even mentioned this when he once admitted in one of his vlogs that he spent Tyronia’s savings and he apologized.

Because Toni’s complaint to her ex-partner seemed to be overlapping, Tulfo said “Good luck to you Mr. Moya”.

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