Robin Padilla has declared that DLSU is a “Spanish-established school”

Robin Padilla was bashed when he revealed that De La Salle University (DLSU) was founded during the Spanish visits Philippines. This is related to the actor’s debate with a netizen who questioned his stance that the hero Lapulapu is a Muslim.

In his Facebook post on Sunday, May 2, Robin argued that “Spanish-established schools” such as Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU), DLSU, and University of Sto. Thomas (UST) will definitely contradict his belief.

According to PhilStar, Robin Padilla has declared that DLSU was established “for insulares, peninsulares and mestizos” during the Spanish colonial period. For this, he got called out by a history group who warned the public about misleading information.”

Robin connected his perspective to the centuries-old series of battles between the Reconquistas or Spanish conquerors and the Moors.

According to Robin Facebook Posts, “Wow Tricia Lexii you got to be kidding.

“Are you from Ateneo? de la salle? UST? All Spanish established schools for insulares, peninsulares and mestizos

“You don’t need to be a doctor of anything to accept reality.

“No Reconquista will accept a defeat from a moor/Moro.

“Historians from this Reconquista schools will definitely say I am a liar and a fool.”

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