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Michael Cinco Slams Miss Canada’s Team over Nova Stevens’s Miss Universe 2020 Loss

Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco called out the team behind Miss Universe Canada 2020 Nova Stevens for being “ungrateful, vile, and professional users,” saying they have used and scammed him for the past three years.

Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco fired back at the allegations made by the Miss Canada team against him.

“STOP taking advantage of my KINDNESS and STOP scamming FILIPINO designers,” Michael Cinco said.”

According to MGmode Communications’ statements, “The truth needs to be told! The gown was sent late by Michael’s team, and when it arrived none of them fitted! We were able to fix one for the finals but the one for prelims, we didn’t have time.”

“We went to Dubai two times to avoid mistakes since it happens to us as well with Miss Argentina’s gown last year @marianajvarela and Uruguay @finatenutavanerio.Such a terrible mistake shouldn’t happen. We love Michael! But this is inexplicable At the same time they had to custom-made a gown for another delegate who checked in with her custom-made Michael Cinco gown. Things don’t add up. Sadly!”

Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco response all their allegations;

“It is common knowledge, I believe, that I am a very positive person. I never go into rants as it is just not me. I try to find humor in any adverse situation that I think warrants my time and attention. And the need to comment. I don’t normally respond to unnecessary social media rants or any negative criticisms about my work but this one caught my ire as it seems to put uncalled for blame on my team week after Miss UNIVERSE. The audacity of TRUTH to be told when it is bereft of it… “

Read the full Facebook posts of Michael Cinco below!

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