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Marco Gumabao Official Statement on Donnalyn Bartolome Controversial Vlog

The real story behind Donnalyn Bartolome’s controversial vlog has emerged. What most people thought was Marco Gumabao and Super Tekla’s insult to Donna was just a prank.

Because of the said Vlog, Marco and Tekla were criticized. However, Marco has not yet issued a statement regarding the issue.

Tekla, on the other hand, preferred to speak in relation to the criticisms received. However, in his video shared with Donita Nose, he did not say that he and Marco were just pranking Donnalyn.

It will be recalled that Marco and Super Tekla were among the vloggers invited by Donnalyn to participate in her challenge “Last to leave the pool wins 1 million pesos.”

Marco said he will also release his official statement regarding the issue of Donnalyn’s trending vlog.

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