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9-year-old Skye from Baguio writes President Duterte a letter Went Viral

Skye is 9-years-old and is on homeschooling because of the pandemic.He was made to write on his own and put his ideas into words. His mom and dad only corrected some grammatical and punctuation errors before Skye finalized his letter for passing.

Here is Skye Letter to President Duterte:

Dear President Duterte,

At home, we are told to respect one another. There are words that we are not allowed to say. Sometimes I hear you on television. I am shocked at how you curse and bad mouth others. As president, don’t you think you should be a role model for good manners and right conduct? I hope that you will change your attitude. Then maybe I will respect you more.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours, Skye

Skye’s mother had this to say: “As a requirement in my son’s school, he was asked to write a letter to our dear President. Here’s his letter to him. Our children are also aware of how a good leader should lead a country.”

9-year-old Skye was overwhelmed about the reception generated by his letter to President Duterte.The Grade 3 Baguio boy wrote a thank you letter to you who are now excited as him that our president will change for the better. Don’t keep his passion down and hope things do change.

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