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Nathalie Hart Say Sorry for Offending LGBTQ Community as she portrays Tina in an ‘MMK’ episode on Feb. 27, 2021

Queer vloggers Roanne Carreon and Tina Boado called out actress Nathalie Hart, “Nothing more frustrating than having your love story depicted on mainstream media, only for you to find out later that a homophobe played your role. Sorry kung hindi mo maasiwa yung katiboan ko ha. Our story deserves better. Queer stories deserve better.”

Manila Bulletin article quoting Nathalie, “Ang hirap ng role kasi you have to think na you’re in love with a woman. Ang hirap talaga. Mas madali sa akin makipagtitigan sa lalaki kahit kaninong actor but not with same s*x.”

Nathalie Hart say sorry to Queer vloggers Roanne Carreon and Tina Boado;

Tina Tweet, Anyway, we poured our hearts into the making of this ep. Roanne & I are happy to have met allies w/in MMK. I hope that this serves as a lesson for the industry moving forward. Mag focus na lang tayo sa kwento ng episode namin on the 27th at hindi sa mga artista. The official hashtag for this episode is #MMKwentongRoTin.

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