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Look: Photos of Jinkee Pacquiao in 1995 During Her College Beauty Queen Days

Iconic personality in the country Jinkee Pacquiao shares one of her memorable throwback photos and shares them on social media; the photo on her college days, Jinkee is here appeared joining a beauty pageant.

Of course everyone knows who is Jinkee Paquiao? She is the wife of the boxing legend who turned politician currently holding position as Philippine senator, Manny Pacquiao. The family of Senator Manny and wife Jinkee were blessed with five lovely children. There life became open book even until they became what they are now on their present life.

Just like others, of course, it’s nice to look back here from the past moment; Jinky recalled her days with it and shared some photos of them that include the photos when she was joining beauty pageant. It was her photo taken some time with her fellow candidates of “Binibining Heneral Santos” in 1996. The photo of Jinkee shared on her Instagram account received a lot of complements and comments as it seems like that her beauty was not affected with time and season even if more than several decades were past already.

Jinkee challenges her followers in the caption if anyone can spot her on the picture.

“Flashback Friday, 1996 when I joined “Binibining Heneral Santo” (Ms. Gensan) Can you spot me in this picture? She wrote on her caption.

Some other photo shared by Jinkee taken sometime in 1995. It was her crowning moment as Ms. AMA Computer College. Of course the photo looks old already but she appeared great as Jinkee wearing her crown and looks fantastic with her sporting short hair. She said in her caption, “Habang ako’y nagliligpit ng mga gamit ko nahalungkat ko to sa aking mahiwagang baul.”

In humble circumstances, Jinkee and Manny met each other before they reached the ladder of success. Jinkee has been with Manny since the lowest moment of their life. She has witnessed her husband’s fight for the country’s pride and for their family.

Jinkee rans a political race for the office of vice governor of Sarangani province in Mindanao and won and serve her best since 2013 to 2016 but after that, she did not go further on her political career as she decided to give all her time to her family and on her charitable works.

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