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Janno Gibbs Official Statement of Rumors Cursing Kitkat Favia

Janno Gibbs issued an official statement regarding the dispute between him and Kitkat Favia. In his statement, he hopes that the issue being discussed will be resolved. It will be recalled that the two became controversial after the news broke and Janno pointed at Kitkat

Did Janno Gibbs allegedly cursed at co-host Kitkat Favia?

After their comments on social media the other day, Janno Gibbs decided to release his statement and he hopes that the issue between him and Kitkat Favia will be resolved.

He shared that it was only natural to joke in the game portion of their show. He allegedly did not expect Kitkat reactions.

He also pointed to online posts that seemed to threaten his family.

“A series of online posts were made that threatened me and my family. It really hurt me that even my family was dragged into this. In spite of this, I kept quiet and only replied once hoping the issue would die down.”

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