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Congratulation to Sharon Cuneta for Her Dream Hermes Sakura Bag with this Price

Veteran actress and singer Sharon Cuneta finally found her longtime dream bag which is now on her hand. Opps! Wait for a while; do you want to know the price of her bag? Scroll down and read it down here.

The 55-year-old Megastar of the Philippines is of course an avid collector of expensive and luxurious bags of any variant of designer’s brand. Most of the people like her considered their collections as investments especially among the iconic celebrities as they know that the value of this staff of good quality, classic or rare of a kind do not easily depreciate over time

Sharon Cuneta

Among the lines of branded bag collections of the Megastar includes Hermes bags as she showed them on previous vlog highlighted the Black Birkin of Hermes, Amarante Monogram Vernish Melrose Avenue Louis Vuitton bag, Birkins in colors Bleu Brighton, Periwinkle Leather, and Rose Lipstick are just a few from her collections.

Before she got her longtime dream bag she called the attention of everybody in the internet where to get the Hermes bag in shade of Rose Sakura Pink which she finally got it with her most desired shade in Rose Pink Lipstick Birkin and in Bubblegum Pink Birkin which remained unused.

You can notice the Megastar on her post on how frustrated she was if she can’t get it as she wrote message that read like this… “So I can trade my bubblegum with you or I can buy your Sakura from you, whether it’s used or new, I’m looking for a Sakura pink Birkin or Kelly, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s Sakura.”

And finally, through Sherilyn Tan, she got her dream luxury bag. On her Instagram post, she shared that she got it, the Sakura bag of its perfect description. The pink-colored bags of Hermes and Kelly are rare pieces to which the pre-loved of 30-cm to 35-cm Birkin bags are priced at around USD22,500 to USD25,000 or approximately Php 1.08 million to Php 1.2 million.

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