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VIRAL: Jerome Ponce UNGRATEFUL Attitude to Person Helped Him on Car Accident

Filipino actor/model Joseph “Jerome” Gapido Porciuncula or popularly known by his screen name as “Jerome Ponce” is making round on social media following after his car crashed in the South avenue.

According to the Facebook post, the 25-year-old Star Magic actor was drunk when his car crashes along the South Avenue.

The car crash accident involving the actor went viral after a netizen shared photos on social media that aside from Facebook post of photos; the same issue appeared on Twitter and Instagram.

According to the Facebook post by Chris Atabay, Jerome Ponce was drunk during the accident and a certain Good Samaritan comes to the rescue but the actor was allegedly ungrateful who did not acknowledge his help and did not even say “thank you” to him.

The screen captured photos are indicated here in this page, you can see them as you scroll down your cursor below together with the netizen’s comments to the post so that you can follow reading them how the actor was bashed by the netizens for being ungrateful.

Here are the photos with the comments from the netizens. You will notice there is no one speaks favorable words to the actor but all are negative reactions.

No photo description available.
May be an image of car, street and road
May be an image of vehicle, street and road

What can you say about the alleged ungrateful attitude of Jerome Ponce? Write your comment on the section provided here below.

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