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LIVE: Raffy Tulfo In Action Episode on January 19, 2021

Watch the full episode on Raffy Tulfo in Action on January 19, 2021 (Tuesday). Idol Raffy Tulfo is a media personality with a widespread influence and connection to the government agencies that can help him solve issues with a very minimal timeline.

The program primarily focuses on aiding the poor and marginalized with domestic affairs and societal injustices and also investigates and exposes cases of abuse, dishonesty, exploitation, and family disputes, as well as recognizes ordinary people who return items of value that they find in their course of work (Solian ng Bayan).

The show regularly emphasizes Tulfo’s no nonsense approach and interrogation, sometimes laced with profanity. The most common feature of the show is Sumbong at Aksyon, where complainants tell Tuflo about their situation and seek for assistance to resolve it.       

If complainants conversation with other party is quite lengthy and time is about to run out, they may be asked to continue off-air.

According to Tulfo, one of the best ways to build a following is through “credibility.”

“Kaya ako nagkaroon ng maraming subscribers because through the years I was able to establish my credibility to them, na kapag ako’y nagbibigay ng serbisyo publiko, eh, I really mean it and I’m very sincere in helping them, na hindi yung pakitang tao lamang,” he explained. 

Most of the topics discussed during the show focus on Sumbong at Aksyon, where complainants or guests of the show were allowed to tell their situation to idol Raffy and seek assistance to resolve it.

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