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Full Video: Girlfriend of Billy Jack Sanchez Defends Him to Erwin Tulfo

The girlfriend of Billy Jack Sanchez defends him to Erwin Tulfo. A girlfriend of Billy says, “Ikaw ang bubugbugin ko. Hindi nya kaya akong saktan ako ang bubugbug sa kanya.”

Billy Jack says, “Respitohin nyu ang mga mahal ninyung girlfriend, kahit sapak sapakin kayo nyan. Kaya nga tayo nagmamahal nang babae parang gawin tayong punching bag kasi matigas tayo.”

Billy arguing with the traffic enforcer insisted that he did not commit a traffic violation. He insists that “Yung back rider ko may violation.” According to the traffic enforcer, the back rider is not wearing a helmet, which is considered a traffic offense.

Sanchez was featured in Erwin Tulfo’s program on Friday where it was mentioned that Sanchez was allegedly caught carrying marijuana.

Billy Jack Sanchez Challenge Raffy and Erwin Tulfo to do Drug Test Live

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