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Senator Manny Pacquiao is now president of PDP-Laban, Netizens React

Senator Manny Pacquiao is now president of PDP-Laban, the political party of President Rodrigo Duterte, as the boxer-turned-politician is rumored to be gunning for the presidency in the 2022 elections.

House Speaker Lord Allan Velasco is the new executive vice president of the ruling party.

According to PDP-Laban executive director Ron Munsayac, “Senator Koko Pimentel is now executive vice chairman of the party and will work very closely with our Chairman President Duterte, national president Senator Manny Pacquiao, and executive vice presidential Speaker Lord Velasco.”

“Senator Koko Pimentel has passed on the practical day-to-day leadership of the party to one with new, ‘modern’ ideas, and one who has the time, energy, and boldness to prepare the party for the 2022 national and local elections,” he added.

Netizen Reacts, “If Pacquiao governed like he fought, the Philippines would be world class under him. Unfortunately he governs like he’s dealing poker in the back room where the lights are dim, the smoke is thick, the liquor is flowing, and the goons stand by with bad breath,” said by @societyofhonor.

According to Cocoy Dayao, “Pacquiao will turn out to be just another politician like Duterte. He will govern with cynicism. We don’t need that. We need a leader that will lift our country up. A leader who respects life— all Filipino lives. We need leadership to stir a country to the future.”

Pacquiao and Velasco were sworn into their new posts during the PDP-Laban Fellowship Night held at an events place in Quezon City. They took their oath before Pimentel.

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