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Viral: Zanjoe Marudo’s alleged breakup with Josie Prendergast

The Netizens claims that Zanjoe Marudo separated from his Filipino-Australian model-surfer girlfriend Josie Prendergast. It is not clear how many months ago the alleged breakup between Zanjoe and the 21-year-old Siargao-based model-surfer Josie Prendergast.

During mediacon last January 10, 2020, Zanjoe even talked about how “happy” he was in his relationship with Josie.

They allegedly celebrated Christmas and New Year in the town of Zanjoe’s family in Batangas and Josie’s family in Siargao.

After that, the Zanjoe-Josie relationship remained low profile; no more updates about them appeared on social media.

Until the latest photos of Josie with a foreigner suddenly appeared on social media last week.

It can be inferred that the picture was taken in Siargao, where the couple was sitting while the man hugged Josie’s waist.

They were both smiling, while Josie was still leaning softly on the man.

A common friend of theirs commented, “the two sweethearts.

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