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Andrea Torres Issues Statement on Breakup With Derek Ramsay

Andrea Torres releases an official statement on breakup with Derek Ramsay. Last September 2019, The two couples admitted publicly their relationship, they met on the set of the TV series, The Better Woman.

Andrea Torres and Derek Ramsay break up are now viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Netizens notice that the two couple unfollowed and deleted each other’s photos on Instagram on November 17, 2020.

Recently, Derek Ramsay releases statement on their break up with Andrea Torres. “Mahal ko si Ada kaya ‘di ako magsasalita, pero if I hear lies about her, I will defend her.Maybe two people are just not meant to be. Please respect us na lang. We shared our love to all of you. Sana naman we can keep this to ourselves.”

“We just connected, we were just talking about being actors, we did not see that we had a connection, and then something formed,” Derek said during the interview by PEP.

Here is the official statement of Andrea Torres, “Yes, Derek and I are no longer together. I’d rather keep the details private as I want to give the breakup the same amount of respect that I had for the relationship.”

“I think you all know how much it meant to me. I hope you understand. I will always wish him and his family well.”

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