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Vlogger Mary Lite Lamayo to Jose Rizal, Tiktoker ba Yan?

Vlogger Mary Lite Lamayo went viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

A clip wherein Mary Lite failed to recognize Dr. Jose Rizal from the YouTube video ‘GUESS WHO CHALLENGE’ was shared by a user on Facebook and it quickly went viral. After reaching over a million views on Facebook, The clip seems to have been set to private or deleted by the user who posted it. However, The original video where the clip was taken from can still be viewed on YouTube.

Netizens slam Mary Lite Lamayo, “Did Mary lite really just asked if Jose Rizal is a ” tiktoker ” I– b*tch you’re a college student how you even get passed preschool without knowing Jose Rizal is?! I mean Jose Rizal has become a part of us as soon as we stepped foot in school.

Watch the full video below:

I think Mary lite really knows jose rizal but she’s just assuming that she didn’t know coz’ you know….(*whispers) ATTENTION SEEKER…sorry not sorry but i think that’s how i intend to call her, @Iwuvyouu Twitter post.

I mean, how f*cking come you don’t know who Jose Rizal is? You’re a college student, a tourism major… like how come? Yeah, sorry not sorry but I’m really judging her right now.

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