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Kuya Kim Supports Liz Uy and Raymond Racaza Love Story

Kuya Kim is now number 1 topic on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Kuya Kim is trending for all the right and wrong reasons at the same time.

According to some Netizens, “Wrong for celebrating ad*ltery through Liz Uy and Raymond Racaza’s engagement and right for sharing the fact they did cheat and are considered adulterers. We learn new things every day from Kuya Kim.”

Kuya Kim’s Twitter account post, “Ohh I don’t support adultery but I love
@lizzzuy and Raymond. I even love you. We are all sinners.

It’s easy to judge a relationship if you are just a spectator; we all love, fall in love, fell out of love. @lizzzuy just happen to be in a circus love story or us watchers made it a circus. We all seek happiness in life whatever form it is. At least Liz & she SO is. & we r not, some netizen added.

Celebrity stylist and former fashion editor Liz Uy is engaged to Raymond Racaza. Liz has been in a relationship with businessman Raymond Racaza for a few years. They have a son, Xavi, whom she introduced to followers in 2018.

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