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Update: #JusticeForBabyRiver, Video of Activist Reina Mae Nasino on Funeral of Her Baby River

On Wednesday, October 14, 2020 the request of the camp of activist Reina Mae Nasino to see her daughter for the last time was granted by Manila Regional Trial Court but she was with her handcuffs and wore full personal protective suit and under the heavy guard.

It was a surprised to the family of Nasino upon seeing her with over 20 members of the Philippine Police and the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) guarding her.

Detained activist Reina Mae Nasino heavily mourns for the death of her child at the Funeraria Rey in Pandacan while seeing her three months old daughter “River” inside the coffin. She knelt down weeping and struggles to wipe away tears due to her full personal protected suit.

Nasino remembered her first moment with her child, River giving breastfeed on her for a month while she was in detention until she gives the child to her mother Marites on the 13th of August. Nasino understand the importance of giving breastfeed to her baby for health reason and protection against viruses or illness from which she considered deprived from her by the court.

It can be remembered that the 23-year-old human rights worker of Urban Poverty Group “Kadamay” was arrested on November last year in Manila; she did not know she was pregnant at the time. Result from the medical examination inside the prison confirmed she was already in her first trimester. Despite the circumstances in the jail, Nasino was quite excited to be a mother. She makes herself ready for the challenge of giving birth while in custody as she knows the legal proceeding.

Baby River with her mother Reina Mae Nasino
Baby River with her mother Reina Mae Nasino at hospital on the day of her birth

According to report, several pleas was denied by the Manila court requesting to have a chance for the inmates and meet the special needs of women and nursing mothers in jails. This triggers questions about the unfair treatment of the justice system for failing the child.

This is the reason that Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) president Domingo Egon Cayosa expressed sentiment over the situation.

“Why does it take so long to respect, protect, and fulfill human rights? Isn’t there double standards when “bigger” detainees are allowed similar or even greater privileges?” he said.

“Can we not have justice with compassion?”

“Why can’t our justice system safeguard the needs and rights of an innocent child to breastfeeding and a better chance to survive?” he added.
“The tragic death of 3-month old Baby River Nasino highlights the need to do more, better, faster in the justice sector,”
he stressed.

Look photos here:

Reina Mae Nasino in handcuffs

Watch video here:


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