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Story Behind the ‘Note from a Student’ to High School Teacher Velcher Castillo “Project Krayola”

A student who left a note to his teacher informing that he has no crayon to do his homework is making noise on social media.

High School teacher Velcher Castillo of Santiago City, Isabela shared a heartbreaking story online about his encounter with a student who left a note for him asking sorry for not submitting his homework because he has no crayon to do his work.

In a post of teacher Vel online he has indicated the actual note of a student that reads like this…

“Sir wala po akong pambili ng krayola sorry po,” the note said.

Teacher Vel responded by sending the student a set of crayons with the note, “Don’t be sorry, anak. Sir Vel understands you. Here’s a box of crayons for you. God bless and stay safe!”

Because of this heartbreaking encounter, teacher Vel was inspired to start a project dubbed as “Project Krayola” that he believes can help more than 300 public school students who may have the same situation like this.

For those who wanted to donate to Project Krayola, teacher Vel has indicated his contact and bank account number below.

GCash: 09952004690 Vel Christian Castillo
BDO: Account Name: Vel Christian L Castillo
Account Number: 012820023297

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