LOOK: Buboy Villar Prank Ruru Madrid to Borrow Money, Ruru Willing to Give Buboy Villar P150K

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Truly Kapuso actor Ruru Madrid is a great friend and a one call away from his fellow actor Buboy Villar.

In the latest Youtube vlog of Buboy he used pranked some of his close friends PriceTagg, Gladys Guevarra, and Ruru Madrid saying that he needs to borrow money.

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Recently, Buboy Villar and her American partner Angillyn Gorens said to the public that their relationship has ended. They have two children named Vlans and George. They also decided that they will take their responsibilities to their children even though they were not together anymore.

Meanwhile, Buboy called his rapper friend named PriceTagg and asks if he could borrow P50k to pay for his BMW. However, PriceTagg told him that he should not spend his money on expensive cars because he has already two kids to support.

The next person he called was comedian Gladyz Guevarra. As of Gladyz, she also needed money for herself.

Lastly, he called Ruru Madrid. Buboy tried to borrow P250,000 from the actor. Ruru cannot let him borrow that amount but he got an even better bargain. He was offered P150,000 and that was a gift for his inaanak.

But the truth is. It was just a prank.

Check out the video here:

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