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Celebrities Reaction to the Video of Activist Reina Mae Nasino on Funeral of Her Baby River

The hashtag #JusticeForBabyRiver is now viral on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The main topic for #JusticeForBabyRiver is the heavily guarded Reina Mae Nasino at her 3-month-old daughter as she lays her to rest at the Manila North Cemetery. Even during baby River’s funeral, the police did not take off the grieving mother’s handcuffs.

Anne Curtis-Smith questioned the police and other personnel who heavily guarded grieving mother Reina Mae Nasino and kept her in handcuffs, while she was putting 3-month-old baby River to rest. “Was it really too much to ask to have compassion for a grieving mother?”

Broadcast Journalist Karen Davila, “Hindi po siya convicted criminal. Hindi po siya drug trafficker. Aktibista lang po siya. Bakit ganito kalupit… sa kapwa Pilipino pa?! Absolutely heartbreaking

Reina Mae Nasino was arrested in November 2019 with two fellow activists after police raided an office where they lived at the time. They were charged with the illegal possession of firearms and explosives – charges all three have denied. 

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