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‘Sinibak’ From ABS-CBN Korina Sanchez Reacts Over the Issue

The rumors surfaced online about the Rated K host Korina Sanchez that she was “Sinibak” from ABS-CBN due to the reason she was one among the employees included to the list of retrenched from the Kapamilya Network.

The denial of franchise renewal to the ABS-CBN TV giant in the country resulted to a massive retrenchment of employees and because of this, several TV personalities from Kapamilya Network transferred to other TV networks.

Recently, the rumor about the veteran journalist Korina Snchez was one among the TV personalities faces termination from the network. Because of this, Korina Sanchez, on her virtual interview with Tim Yap Live, the 55-year-old wife of former senator Mar Roxas clarified the issue saying she was not included to the employees retrenched from the company.

According to the TV journalist, she was not retrenched because she was already retired after the ABS-CBN chairman Gabby Lopez offered retirement package 3 years ago.

“First of all I wasn’t retrenched, contrary to some of the headlines. No, I wasn’t retrenched because I was able to negotiate a really good retirement package with Mr. Gabby Lopez three years ago,” Korina Sanchez told reporter of the The Philippine Star.

Korina considered that the offer to her was really “generous” and allowed her to carry the Rated K program on her social media pages.

Korina narrated that she informed Ging Reyes, chief of the ABS-CBN news and she gives her permission.

korina sanchez

“So now, we were able to watch ‘Rated K’ every Sunday on ‘Rated Korina’ page every Sunday,” Korina said.

Korina explained her life being a broadcaster for more than three decades noting that being a journalist she said that is all about “target-oriented,” to achieve her goal.

“I’m already past 50, so I think very early in my life, in my 20s pa lang, what interests me. Parang bagong empleyado pa lang ako sa ABS-CBN, alam ko nang kailangang mag-ammortization na ko ng art,” Korina Sanchez shared.

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