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LIZA SOBERANO: Converge Employee Issued a Public Apology to the Actress After Threatening Rape

Following the controversial issue of actress Liza Soberano after her rant on her former internet service provider, she receives a dangerous threat from the Converge employee.

The threat she said to Liza went viral online after posting that she wants the actress to be raped for ranting about the internet of their company.

Image from Liza Soberano Instagram

And now, after the employee’ receives harsh words, hate, and bad reactions from the netizen, Melissa Olaes issued a public apology to the actress following her threat to the actress.

According to Olaes, she admits her mistakes, and what she said to the actress is not right. She also defended herself and said that she has dignity and integrity.

Read the whole public apology of Olaes here:

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