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Korina Sanchez Reveals Marrying Other Man Before She Dated Mar Roxas

Television host Korina Sanchez shared an exciting and insightful interview during the episode of “I Feel U 2” hosted by Toni Gonzaga on the ABS-CBN show.

In this episode of  “I Feel U 2,” host Toni Gonzaga discussed more about love life and one of the exciting part of the video is about the love story told by Korina Sanchez with her former boyfriend prior her date with Mar Roxas.

As to recall, the wedding of Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas is one of the memorable event featured in various media and showbiz industry during the year 2009.

During the interview with host Toni Gonzaga, the veteran TV journalist talk about relationship with Mar Roxas. But what makes exciting with her interview was when she told Toni about her past relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She narrated she almost get married with her former boyfriend. According to her, she has already made her wedding gown but things were not going fine with her relationship with former fiancé because there were a lot of things they couldn’t agree each other that usually ended up with fighting.

I was doubting and I said, ‘Wow this is a very important decision. I have to be super duper sure,’”Korina narrated.

Korina then told story about Mar Roxas, according to her, she read newspaper article about Mar’s ideal woman. That information caught her interest knowing that Mar’s description of the woman he is interested of speaks about her.

Mar typical woman, as for him, he wanted to marry a woman that is independent, able to live with her own life and mange to do things apart from him. Korina also said that they’ve meet one time with Mar during her interview on DZMM, from that time, Korina said they set a date but never happened again.

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Similar report published by the ABS-CBN News, while Mar Roxas was in United States, he called Korina in the Philippines just to greet her happy new year.

“Sabi ko aba okay ito ah. So pagbalik niya ng Pilipinas, nag-date kami ulit. Ayun, tuloy tuloy na iyon,” the broadcaster shared.

Now that she is Mar’s wife, she said she gives her submission to Mar and that statement surprises her friends that knows most about her. She added that even during the time of her meeting and when Mar arrives and want her to talk to her; she made an excuse from the meeting just to talk with Mar.

Korina earned popularity from her profession as TV broadcast journalist. Aside from being a news reporter, Korina also hosted a lifestyle show as her biggest projects in the ABS-CBN lifestyle program, the “Rated K”.

Mar, Manuel Araneta Roxas II in real life, is a prominent politician in the country. He has once served as a senator and tried to ran for vice president in 2009 but lost to former Vice Pres. Jejomar Binay.

Watch video interview here with Korina Sanchez-Roxas:

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