KMJS Police Joebert Lacea Finally Break Silence on Womanizer Issue

Viral KMJS Police Joebert Lacea broke silence regarding the issue accused by the netizens against him that he is a “womanizer.”

The viral story in the love life of the PNP-Special Action Force (SAF) member Joebert Lacea started after Joebert and her virtual girlfriend Richelle Amorcilla featured on KMJS during the time the viral lover meetup for the first time. The viral video brings “killing moment” to the online community upon learning that Richelle was chasing to meet the guy who was assigned to another destination of duty.

But it won’t last for long, photos of another women surfaced online claiming they have relationship with the cop prior to his relationship with Richelle. One of his ex-girlfriends surfaced online is a policewoman with more than six years in relationship.

Next after the policewoman is Rica Mae Kate Ybañez who also claimed she was his girlfriend for two months.

The online bashing against the viral police persuaded him to answer the issue where he refused the allegation against him as “paninira lang sa bago niyang ka relasyon.”

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Joebert posted his reply on Facebook that reads like this…

“HI EVERYONE. “I tend not to post nor reply to any comments regarding this issue for sake of everybody ug sa pag aakala na maging okay lang BUT it triggered me kay murag mag d cla katulog dili gyud makita maguba ang is aka tao. This post is to clarify things and for those sawsawera/sawsawero.. “Bear with me..

“1st is About sa ex ko na na two time daw? nag trending kame Nung April na akala Ng lahat masaya pa kame non. But on May 4 break na kame. She is in her new relationship last June 3 (I think?)and mine is June 30, so paano naging two time yun.. for those people nagaingon dali lang kuno nakamove on, try to consider also d other side.

“Second is about sa “MyLoves” from Bohol..Yes, nag ka MU kame dati. Pero D PO NAGING KAME… I just pray na makakita din xa nang guy na Maka KMJS nya..(Kidding aside).

“Third is Yung July daw? Gwapo ko na talaga eh noh? I never met that girl. Sino yun..

“The fourth one is kasalanan ko ba mainlove ulit sa taong bago mo lng nkilala? Ika nga, it will never be the time..its the feeling matters.

“And last, Stop the hate to anyone involve sa issue. And please refrain posting fake news or allegation without knowing the whole story. Kilala nyu ba talaga ako? Kasi kayu d ko din kilala.. so stop the hate, memes and making fun of someones life just to add fuel to fire.

“I also have my family to protect.. if nasakitan mo nga dili mo involve.. how come nalang sa among family both?

“Hope this will become a lesson to everyone.. kay even professionals mahimo nang Bugo tungod sa trending. Our happiness will not be defended by your opinion.. D NAKO IBUTANG AMONG KALIPAY SA IMONG MGA WAY AYU NGA COMENTO. So stop the hate. Let’s not waste everyones time..matulog nata! Kay manarbaho patag iya-iya ugma..”

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