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Julia Barretto is Pregnant to Gerald Anderson, Jay Sonza Explosive Revelation

The world of social media was surprised following after the explosive report of Jay Sonza about the celebrity couple Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto.

In a previous report, Julia Barretto was spotted in the resort of the actor in Batangas. The same report triggers speculation to the online world.

According to the explosive report of the former newscaster and talk show host, Jay Sonza, he told Philippine Entertainment Portal news reporter that Gerald and Julia have proven that they’re able to make a baby.

Sadyang matinik ba si Gerald Anderson? | Tempo – The Nation's Fastest  Growing Newspaper

In another statement of Jay Sonza, he hinted about the love lockdown and ESQ (Exact Sæx Quadrant).

Jay Sonza also jestingly expressed in Visaya dialect to describe something meaningful saying, “Nahinayak ang batang Dadiangas, nasiyot man jud oi. kapugngan pay tren, dili ang gugmang gauros-uros tawon,” which mean to say, “The Dadiangas would not able to restrain his feelings, you can stop the tren but never the strong feelings of love.”

In addition, another surprising statement of Jay Sonza that captured the interest of the reporter when he said, “Dito muna tayo sa mga balitang may katotohanan, may pag-iibigan, may pinagsaluhang nakakapanginig ng laman at higit sa lahat, nagbunga…”

Julia Barretto's Emotional Interview With Boy Abunda

We will update this report once confirmation report is available as we understand that this report is not yet official as nobody from the parties has made confirmation about the pregnant rumors of Julia Barretto to Gerald Anderson.

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