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Julia Barretto Files Formal Complaint Against Jay Sonza False Claims Pregnancy Rumor

The pregnancy rumors of Julia Barretto to Gerald Anderson prompted the actress to come to the office of the NBI Cybercrime Division to formally file complaint against the former anchor Jay Sonza.

Jay Sonza is the first person accountable of spreading the rumor as he claimed that Julia Barretto was pregnant to Gerald Anderson.

In order to dismiss the rumor, the actress took to her social media account and posted photo of her body showing her flat stomach to prove that report about her was fake.

However, despite the effort of the actress to prove her part that allegation about her was not true, the former newscaster still hold on his unverified claims and continue insisting that he had a source who told everything to him. He even told media that his source is somebody who is protected by a certain “Sotto.”

The actress was thinking about the controversial issue that comes on her way since last year. This time that her name and reputation seems to be greatly affected in the showbiz industry, the pregnancy rumor gives her courage to go to the NBI Cybercrime Division office to file formal complaint against Jay Sonza.

“Andami ko na ring pinagdaanan, ang dami ko na ring pinalampas lalo na sa social media, binastos na ang reputation ko, ang pangalan ko. I think I just want to show people na hindi ko na pinapalampas yung mga bagay na ganito,”she said.



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