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Ivana Alawi Made Her Brother Hashim Alawi Cry Because of Gift, Watch Video

Ivana Alawi is making another round on social media after sharing her latest vlog where she gives special gift to her brother Hashim Alawi making him cry.

In this video, the famous, beautiful and successful vlogger is showing off her newly bought parcel of residential land where she is planning to build a new house for the entire family.

Kuya ni Ivana Alawi, umiyak dahil sa bigating regalo sa kanya ng aktres

But what makes this video exciting is when she revealed to her older brother that she bought for him another piece of land so that they are together in the same subdivision.

Ivanah also showed off her house model design.

Hashim of course was so happy for the big-time gift from his younger sister Ivana and upon acknowledging the gift Hashim became emotional and shed some tears of joy.

Ivanah is one among the few successful vloggers in the country. Aside from her vlog, Ivanah is an actress working at the Kapamilya network before the franchise denial of the Congress.

Watch video here:

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