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Issue, HIWALAY NA! Angel Locsin and Neil Arce Goes Viral, Actress React on Video

The breakup issue of Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin and Neil Arce circulating on social media. Bashers of the actress made video and shared online which the same issue causes sentiment to the actress prompting her to break her silence.

Angel and Neil earlier made announcement about their engagement in 2019 and the online community expected the couple to tie the knot which also coincided to their plan as the two were preparing for their wedding that supposed to be held this year 2020. However, pandemic situation in the country made their plan unmaterialized.

It can be remembered on the month of June, the two hinted they preparing for a special event. The netizens learned that Angel and Neil had something to hide from the public. This is about the date of their wedding this year; they said they’re preparing for the said event but refused to divulge the date.

However, the year 2020 is almost end, because of this “hiwalayan issue” surfaced online. Netizens had made video based on the speculation that Angel Locsin and Neil Arce are already separated with the caption on the video says, “DAHILAN NG HIWALAYANG ANGEL LOCSIN AT NEIL ARCE NALANTAD.”

Watch this video with the issue of “hiwalay na“:

The actress broke silence and react against the issue saying, “Oh wow. Can’t believe some people would stoop this low. Why do some people make this much effort to put me in a bad light? That is the question?” Here is the post of the actress.

On the video, the 35-year-old actress gives her side and explains the real reason.

Watch video here:

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