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Duterte Proposes to the Congress to Abolish PhilHealth

President Rodrigo Duterte is planning to abolish the PhilHealth.

In a pre-recorded speech of the President, he said “I’m going to propose to Congress to abolish it,” Duterte said night on Monday. The statement of the President is of course, referring to the Philippine Health Corporation (PhilHealth) as the government agency is still on the hot issue over allegations of corruption that was discovered during the pandemic.

The President also opened statement about privatizing the agency but he said it would not be possible because there is no available money in the government.

In this video attached in this page, he said, “The insurance capitalist will say: ‘So we’re going to pay? But you don’t have funds’,” the President said in dialect.

Amid the controversial issue of the PhilHealth, the President is planning to revamp the government agency; to reorganize and impose a single line of authority is the President option.

“But I will try to begin tomorrow shaking the tree at PhilHealth,” he said. “I plan to reorganize it and impose upon them a single line of authority.”

“These people will no longer do. They’re already entrenched. Nothing will happen. It’ either I’m going to revamp it or consider everybody resigned there,” the President continued.

Recently, the Duterte has made approval of the task force recommendation to file cases against official of the PhilHealth headed by former chief Ricardo Morales. The charges include graft, malversation and illegal use of public funds, gross misconduct and gross negligence and some other case.

According to the report, among the identified irregularities within the agency includes the release of funds to hospitals under its interim reimbursement mechanism and the said “overpriced” information technology project.

Watch video here:

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