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‘Absolute Pardon’ to Pemberton Provoked DJ Mo Twister Slams Robin Padilla

The absolute pardon granted by President Rodrigo Duterte to the US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton is making noise not only in the world of social media but even to the off line news and report in the local media especially to the concern family of the transwoman Jennifer Laude who was murdered on October 11, 2014.

There are so many opinions behind the issue. Some looks on the brighter side while others can see the negative effect it can bring to the people and country.

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One among the celebrity personality becomes vocal to express support to the President is the former “Bad Boy” star Robin Padilla. Because of this, DJ Mo Twister slammed the actor of his action to favor the decision of the President of giving absolute pardon to Joseph Pemberton.

Joseph Scott Pemberton biography: 13 things about Jennifer Laude's murderer  – CONAN Daily

But it was an honest opinion of DJ Mo Twister to Robin Padilla in his tweet as he expresses something like a catching word describing the actor from “Bad Boy to Dumb A**.”

The actual tweet of DJ MO, he said: “I love how Robin Padilla, in a matter of a few decades, has regressed from Bad Boy to Dumb A**.”

From this issue surfaced online, the netizens were quick to give their reaction to the tweet of DJ Mo. Check here the netizens reply.

Robin Padilla denies supporting ABS-CBN shutdown

“Bad Boys flock together”
“This! Nailed it…”
“hahhahha nilamon na ng kabaluktutan.”
“hindi na nga mahalaga ang prinsipyo sa ngayon. ang importante, ikaw ang nasa pwesto. survival of the fittest!”

It can be recalled that Robin Padilla shared his side to favor the decision of the President to give absolute pardon to Pemberton. Some of the comment from the netizens hinted that the actor agreed on the President decision because he was once convicted for illegal possession of firearms in 1994 and received pardon from President Duterte, Kami.com.ph said

However, actress Liza Soberano was among the celebrities expressed frustration when Pemberton was given absolute pardon

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