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3 Nursing Students Killed, Motives and Crime Scene Revealed on Video

Amid pandemic is not good to hear news about heinous crime like this 3 nursing student found dead on their house under construction.

The three (3) victims are students and identified as Mona Ismael, 22; Glydel Belonio, 28, at Arjay Belencio.

According to the police investigation report, Belencio and his cousin Belonio were staying on the house of Belencio’s family. Their friend Ismael was just visiting them on their house which has ongoing construction during the time of incident.

Police said, robbery and revenge are considered the primary motives of the suspects that include the four (4) construction workers as “person of interest” in the crime. Two (2) of the four (4) suspects are already in the police custody.

Caloocan Police Colonel Dario Menor said one of the construction worker caught using illegal drugs.

Similar report published by the TV Patrol said that Belencio revealed one of the construction workers was dealing dishonesty on overpricing construction materials for the constructed house.

In addition, police officers also considered robbery angle in the crime because Belencio’s two (2) ATM cards containing money budget for construction were lost. But report said, other important belongings of the victims like cellphones are still found in the crime scene.

Watch video here:

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