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Lee Min Ho Files Lawsuit Against Malicious Comments by People Online

LIWU law firm posted to their website stating that they will be taking legal action against malicious commenters of Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho And Kim Go Eun Have An Intriguing First Encounter In ...

Lee Min Ho is one of the most popular Asian actor nowadays. He recently had a comeback with his Korean Drama “The King: Eternal Monarch” together with actress Kim Go Eun.

“The law firm LIWU is currently monitoring unlawful posts (malicious comments) regarding MYM Entertainment actor Lee Min Ho that contain senseless personal attacks, sexual harassment, the spreading of false information, and malicious rumors.

We are in the process of compiling evidence of malicious comments by people who have posted online on places such as DC Inside, cafes, and blogs, advising or requesting deletion, building up data on malicious commenters, and making criminal complaints. We are also collecting evidence and building a list of malicious commenters based on information received through the e-mail address from MYM below, so we are hoping to receive a lot of information.” the law firm stated.

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