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JUST IN: Tondo Hospital Temporarily Closed After 32 Doctors and Nurses Got Sick

Tondo Hospital was temporarily closed for 10 days after 32 nurses and doctors got sick.

Photo from PageOne

So far, the huge number of COVID-19 cases in the country is still in Manila. With more than 5,000 recorded cases of the virus in the city, as of the report from ABS-CBN News.

With that, a lot of medical frontliners such as doctors and nurses went sick after exposing to much to COVID-19 patients in Ospital ng Tondo. According to the report, Mayor Isko Moreno said that the Hospital will be temporarily closed for 10 days.

According to the report, the decision was made to give the doctors and nurses of the Tondo hospital who got sick after taking care to COVID-19 patients the time to rest and recover. While some patients may be rerouted to other hospitals for the mean time. However, Ospital ng Tondo will still accept cases that need urgent treatment.

In the Philippines, there are recently huge daily increases in the total coronavirus cases recorded by the Department of Health. According to DOH, there is now a total of 147,526 coronavirus cases recorded in the country.

Out of the said total number, the health department recorded 2,426 deaths. There are 70,387 patients of coronavirus who have reportedly recovered already, as of Philnews.

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