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Kuya Kim Atienza visited his friend Manila Mayor Isko Moreno at the city hall of Manila. According to Kuya Kim, Isko has been his friend for a long time and he is proud of what his friend has achieved. Kuya Kim recognized for his reporting style, his video is packed with knowledge where he shares [...]

Kuya Lakay, a parol vendor, shared his dismay and frustration in Facebook as his supposed to be parol (christmas lantern) buyer ditched his products worth 100k. Actress and fashion icon Heart Evangelista was also angry with Kuya Lakay’s bogus buyer. The actress can’t help but express her anger in twitter as she tweeted, “Who ordered [...]

Isko Moreno to Run for Vice President on 2022?

Will Manila Mayor Isko Moreno run for the posistion of Vice President in year 2022? Here is what Moreno said. As the government officials focuses on the problem due to coronavirus pandemic, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno answeres the rumors on Thursday on the possibility that he might run for vice president in the 2022 elections.  [...]

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno gives an order to close Manila cemeteries this coming All Souls Days from October 31 to November 3 to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease. He recently signed an Executive Order No. 38, which announced the closure of the Manila Cemeteries. The said dates is cover the days of traditional annual [...]

Gabriela member throw evil words against Mayor Isko Moreno in an open field where many people can hear him over the megaphone. The actual video posted on “Duterte News Info Live New” Facebook page went viral spread on various video sharing platform. Mayor Isko asking the man shouting in the megaphone who is also known [...]

Tondo Hospital was temporarily closed for 10 days after 32 nurses and doctors got sick. Photo from PageOne So far, the huge number of COVID-19 cases in the country is still in Manila. With more than 5,000 recorded cases of the virus in the city, as of the report from ABS-CBN News. With that, a [...]

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is making round on social media following after his sentimental call to the senators whom he said they are hiding in times of crisis. In his video post, he made an appeal to senators and other politicians to stop politicking in times of crisis and do their part to help fellow [...]

Ang nag viral na magkasintahan na naganap ang proposal sa 7’11 nakasal na. Ayon sa bride, hindi nya inakalang magpapakasal sila agad dahil alam nyang walang wala din sila ngayon. Hindi alam nang bride na nakahanda na pala ang lahat dahil nahanda nang groom ang kakailanganin para sa kasalang bayan. https://www.facebook.com/bayanmoipatrolmo/photos/a.857629194258325/2873767899311101/?type=3 Kaya kahit dalawang araw [...]

An elderly street vendor burst in tears after the members of the clearing-operation team confiscate her cart. This past few months Manila Mayor, Isko Moreno implements rules throughout the National Capital Region. That is to impose road clearing operations. That is to remove the illegal vendors along the streets. In that way, it will reduce [...]

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno express his excitement after he received his first salary as the city new mayor. According to Moreno he is really greatful to receive his first salary and plans to spend it on his family, parents and for helping other people also. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E_F03x7Ls2w Upon sitting of office Isko really perform his job [...]