Andi Eigenmann Announces Baby Number 3!

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Actress and YouTuber Andi Eigenmann announces that she is now pregnant to her second baby to her partner Philmar Alipayo.

Andi made the announcement about her pregnancy through a vlog as she greeted her partner surfing champion Philmar Alipayo, a happy birthday in her YouTube channel Happy Islander” on Sunday.

Image from Andi’s YouTube channel Happy Islander
Image from Andi’s YouTube channel Happy Islander
Image from Andi’s YouTube channel Happy Islander

Eigenmann began her vlog by apologizing to Alipayo because she cannot be with him in Siargao on his special day.

On Andi’s vlog, she apologised to Philmar for not being with him on his birthday, however, as Andi continues, she said that she had prepare a little surprise for her partner to make him feel how much they love him.

Happy birthday mahal ko. We miss you so much. I hope we get to go home to the island soon so we can be together again and we can celebrate your birthday together,” the actress said in siargao language.

She also thanked Philmar for giving them an ‘awesome life’ and for doing everything for their family.

“I hope you are also happy to have us in your life. To have me. I hope you’ll always be happy. And that you’ll keep inspiring everyone to work hard every day to achieve their dreams. And your dreams for your family. We’re almost there about to reach them,” Andi wished her partner.

We can’t wait to go back there and be complete again soon with you, me, Ellie, Lilo and our newest happy islander on the way. I am so happy to be building this family with you and I hope you consider this an amazing gift for you on your birthday,” the actress said as she told Philmar her little surprise for him, showing off her growing baby bump. She is due to give birth in 2021.

As we all know, this will be Andi’s third child. Her first born name is Ellie with her former boyfriend Jake Ejercito. While this is her second child to her current partner Philmar Alipayo. Their first child is Lilo.

Watch Andi’s vlog below:

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