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VIRAL NOW: Jillian Ward Controversial Video Trending Online #Salamat Google

Viral now in social media is the latest controversial post of Jillian Ward #Salamat Google.

The said post refers to her arguments between’s her co star in Primadonna Sofia Pablo.

It started when Pablo post on Twitter and directly hitting Ward, the actress reacts and posted “haters always hate and secretly obsessed of you, they will to destroy you”.

Ward tweeted “That person accidental view naman by being the first person to view my post everytime“.

The actress added “Haters secretly obsessed people as they apparently know too much about you, gets so pressed excited when you do something as simple as breathing near them, and just simply won’t leave you alone. Hahaha

Recently Pablo and Ward are both correlated who is the best actress even they tiktok video are compared with each other.

Guys what do you think about the issue do you thoughts to share? You are free to comment in the comment section down below.

Here is the video down below:

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