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Vice Ganda’s Reaction to the P3-Million Issue as Talent Fee on TV5

The country’s considered high-paid comedian-host Vice Ganda answers back the allegation that he was demanding P3-million talent fee to the management of TV5.

According to the previous article, Kapamilya artists, producers, directors and talent personality are searching other opportunity to other network for their future career following after the ABS-CBN shutdown due to failure of franchise renewal.

Unkabogable Star, Vice Ganda is one among the many affected individual who is now negotiating with Kapatid Network according to Abante Tonite. But controversial issue triggers following after the report that he is asking high price for his talent fee, yet, no amount mentioned on the report.

In a relationship: Vice Ganda finally confirms status amid speculation |  ABS-CBN News

However, Salve Asis, an entertainment columnist, published an article in Pang Masa dated July 19, the publication claimed that Vice Ganda was allegedly demanding P3-million from the TV5 network as talent fee. Following after this controversial issue, mimicked of the comedian comes out on several blogsites.

Because of this allegation, Vice Ganda reacted and expressed sentiment on his Twitter account. The comedian shared an article and wrote caption with it that reads, “Mga Bulaang Bwakanang ULUL!!!”

vice ganda post

Supporters and fans of the comedian comes out to defend Vice Ganda over the issue. In Twitter post, @Rhn_jcnt expressed sentiment and wrote message that reads like this, “Haha lahat talaga gagawin para lang di maka pag pasaya ulit si mama vice mga ulol kayo madami kaming taga supporta nag aantay kay mama vice iloveyou ma eii laban natin yan push” 

Another Twitter post from the fans of Vice Ganda, Twitter user @chridol says, Vice Ganda deserves that amount as his talent because of his talent. “Even if it’s the case…why not? I think you’re a proven talent. If they can’t pay…then…they’re still small and shortsighted …then adjust to equity/shares diba?” Vice Ganda supporter wrote.

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