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Is PhilHealth Senior Vice President Renato Limsiaco Jr. “Dishonesty and Falsification” in PhilHealth Records?

The Government auditors said that they found dishonesty and falsification in the financial records of the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth). According to Inquirer news, they obtained documents PhilHealth Senior Vice President Renato Limsiaco Jr. may have been responsible for the unexplained changes in the financial records uncovered by the Commission on Audit (COA) and in-house auditors.

PhilHealth Senior Vice President Renato Limsiaco Jr. was linked to the allegedly irregular release of a special P30-billion reimbursement fund from the COVID-19 patients.

According to PhilHealth President and CEO Ricardo Morales in early May, “A more detailed analysis of the 2019 financial statements reveals more discrepancies amounting to serious dishonesty and falsification.”

“Financial statements are window-dressed by … Limsiaco in order to mislead the board regarding the real financial state of PhilHealth,” he added.

Limsiaco, who heads the PhilHealth Fund Management Sector denied the allegations against him. He texted the Inquirer news about the issue and said, “as a corporate policy, all media concerns will be referred to PhilHealth’s Corporate Affairs Group.”

According to the head of the Presidential Anti-Crime Commission, Greco Belgica stated that the results of its investigation “will be released very soon.”

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