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Is Buknoy Glamurrr Drinking Choc-o In a Starbucks Cup? Barista Speaks Up

Social media influencer Buknoy Glamurrr is allegedly drinking ‘fake’ Starbucks. A barista speaks up.

In Buknoy’s Instagram, a Starbucks barista for almost three years commented on Buknoy’s drink.

According to the Barista, they dont have that kind of drink in their menu. “almost 3 yrs nako barista ng starbucks pero wala pa kami iced drink na ganyan sa menu. Hi daw po sabi ng manager ko haha”

Recently, Buknoy Glamurrr is one of the most talk social media influencer in social media, due to his offensive statement about tricycle drivers wherein he belittle there kind of work.

Ang gusto ko talagang sabihin sa inyo is wag kayong sumuko na mangarap. Wag na wag kayong sumuko na tuparin ang mga pangarap ninyo kasi kung hindi kayo magsu-sumikap sa buhay, walang-wala kayong mararating tulad nito. (tricycle driver)”.

Now, Buknoy is facing another controversy after some netizens notice his drink and said that it was fake.

Another netizens named Xander Cedrick R. Cosiquien, who said that he is also a barista posted a public letter to Buknoy. It stated in the letter, that Buknoy’s drink was actually fake and called it “Kulay Choc-O”.

Since the vlogger receives a lot of criticism due to his offensive statement, Bukboy release a public apology, but his apology does not go in a good way, however that made him more hated by many.

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