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Catriona Gray Ex-Bf Clint Bondad Sends Message To Sam Milby, Asking To Be His “Client”

Actor and fitness model Clint Bondad has this intriguing message to Singer Sam Milby on Monday.

Bondad shared the screenshot of his message to Sam Milby from his Instagram story. However, Milby has yet to respond to Bondad message.

“How about we have a little chat.”This was the statement of Clint.

On the other hand, it was not yet clear if what is he offering to Sam, but somehow it is related to his fitness business ventures. Just because recently, he shared his plan of starting a fitness plan or class on YouTube.

Meanwhile on Instagram, both Catriona and Sam have posted the same video of them together. It is about the relief program for families in Tondo of the beauty queen in partnership with Young Focus.

Milby was seen working and helping distribute sacks of rice to families. This initiative of the Miss Universe titlist was a success from a fundraising they called #PassTheKindness.


Accordingly, their movement was able to gather a whopping Php 5 million which they used to buy 100,000 kilograms of rice. “I’ve heard so much about them and the work that they do from [Catriona Gray] so I wanted to also get involved and support,” says Milby in his post.

He expressed how rewarding it is to help with the workers help other people who are in dire need. And in the comments section, Catriona indicated her “thank you” to him for being so supportive.

As we all know, Sam and Catriona confirmed their relationship last May on Sam’s birthday. However, they are both linked romantically last 2019.

Worth every second of the wait. Most special birthday yet,” the actor wrote as the caption to a sweet photo of him together with Catriona.


Back in January, Gray downplayed them by saying that she and Milby are just good friends who go to church together and are under the same talent management agency, Cornerstone.

While between her and Bondad, the former Miss Universe earlier said that they “just didn’t work out” and that they outgrew each other.

When you’re together for so long and you start off from a very young age, you grow. Whether that be in your personal or in your career –sometimes you just outgrow each other,” this is what said in an interview with Boy Abunda.

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