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Who is the Girl with Gerald Anderson Holding Hands?

The Instagram post of Gerald Anderson is making round on social media following after his inspirational post on how he was able to handle and manage every challenges in his life. But the netizens paid more attention to the girl on the photo of Gerald posted where the actor was having a girl to hold the hand.

Fans and followers of the actor got interested to know who is the girl with Gerald Anderson in holding hand.

Before you know the girl that Gerald Anderson hold her hand, let’s listen first from the fans and followers of the actor who made a guess to name the girl based on their speculation. Some said the girl is Bea Alonzo as hinted in the post of the 31-year-old Filipino-American actor. While some said that the girl is Julia Barretto knowing that the Gerald and Julia link each other after the controversial breakup of Bea and Gerald.

Meanwhile, some of the followers and fans of the actor were speculating that maybe it was just a family bonding with his mother or maybe the girl is Irma Adlawan or Yazmin of a Soldier’s Heart.

Here are some of the the comments from fans and followers of the Gerald Anderson.

Parang mas may thrill kay gerald yung mga ganyang you & me against the world na relasyon. Same sa sitwasyon with maja, sarah at kung papano sila nag simula ni Bea.

Halata namang hindi si Julia eh. Maka comment lang.

A Soldier’s Heart. Feeling ko si Yazmin and Hakeem. Mother and son bonding.

This is a developing story; we are updating this page once we know from our source who is this girl with Gerald Anderson in holding hand.

But how about you, if you’re ask who is the girl with Gerald Anderson holding hand, can you give her name? You may write them here on the comment section below and join the discussion.

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