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WATCH: Famous ML Streamer ‘Ako Si Dogie’ Critized For Alleged Bias Opinion On LOL Wild Rift

Famous Mobile Legends streamer Ako So Doogie recently criticized due to his alleged bias opinion towards the newly release alpha test of League of Legends Wild Rift.

According to the streamer “walang ganap ang lol wild rift”, he added the mechanics is too hard to handle compared to ML and skill have more button to press.

Meanwhile, with regards to “Walang Ganap”, the streamer clarified he wants action for the first 3 mins of the games compared to the wild rift that those minutes in LOL that is more focus on farming and winning the lane.

Meanwhile, some defended doggie wherein they said he only express his honest opinion towards the games, given the fact that LOL is the first loved game of the streamer, on the other hand he was lambasted pointing some points that he is sponsored by Moontoon the creator of MLBB that is why his opinion appeared to be bias.

We already know that everyone is entitled to its own opinion that is the fact but in the case of the streamer maybe it is not appropriate to give more comments due to the fact that he is a MLBB fanatic to avoid any misunderstanding.

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