Watch! 69-Year-Old Juan Ponce Enrile Viral TikTok with Dinosaurs


The 69-year-old politician is making round on the online world following after his TikTok video that went viral online.

Former senator Juan Ponce Enrile is now joining the youth’s trending video TikTok without minding his old age. His video online garnered mixed reaction with some comment were expressed on a meme to the veteran politician. But there are also netizens expressed appreciation considering his old age, he was able to mingle himself to what is trending today with his feeling like a young one at heart.

After learning that his video went viral online, the old politician was glad and expressed happiness without thinking negative to the different version of memes and posts online. Some other netizens were joking at him while setting on the chair on his green garden surrounded with dinosaur mascots in the video below.

The video of the former senator first appeared on the Facebook page of Toni D. Panganiban. This post of Panganiban is one among his posts much like and reactions from the netizens as video went viral online.

Watch video here:

Here are some of the many reactions from the netizens:

Juan Ponce Enrile

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