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Viral Now: Twins Named Jollibee and Mcdonald Gets Treat from McDo PH after Graduated on High School

Twins named Jollibee and McDonald Pangindian went viral on social media after netizens took notice of their entertaining names. 

Congratulations to the twins Jollibee and Mcdonald Pangindian for graduating high school!

We're Not Kidding: These Twins Are Named "Jollibee" and "McDonald"
credits facebook Mark Lester Andrei Cruzet

A Facebook user named Mark Lester Andrei Cruzet posted on his social media a congratulatory message for his family friend Jollibee and McDonald after they graduated from senior high school.


According to Mark, the twins are the children of his former school paper adviser in elementary. His teacher, of whom he calls Ma’am Evelyn, had once recounted the reason behind her twins’ unconventional names.

He said that the twins’ parents decided on the names because they were unique and easy to remember.

Andiyan agad yung natutuwa sila at madali nilang matandaan name nila,” Evelyn had explained. And boy, were she and her husband right about that if the slew of amused social media reactions are any indication.

But it’s more the fact that they’re named after two of the country’s top fast-food chains.

Previously, the news about them even reached McDonald’s Philippines, which went out of its way to congratulate the twins.

In fact, the whole family got a treat from the fast food giant.

“Magkaribal man sa pangalan, nagkakaisa naman sa pangarap! Congratulations to the twins Jollibee and Mcdonald Pangindian for recently finishing senior high school!” the company said in a Facebook post.

Pinatunayan niyo na #WeGraduateAsOne. Dahil love namin kayo, may treat kami para sa inyong pamilya! #LoveKoTo,” it added.


Netizens were amazed after hearing the names of the twins. However, a Twitter user wrote, “I wouldn’t be surprised to know if their parents’ name is Mang Inasal and Goldilocks.”

Apparently, they also have a cousin named Shakey.

What can you say about their names? Share it below.

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