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Vice Ganda’s Boyfriend Ion Perez Instagram Post Went Viral

“Its Showtime” Kuya Escort Ion Perez Instagram post went viral online. He replied the bashers “Mga Ulol” after his controversial way of sitting. According to Bashers, “Soon to be Bibi Gandang Hari. Sabi kona Barbie e.”

Ion Perez replied to bashers, “Ano wala naba? Putanaydayo wala pala ako mapapala sa inyo hahahahahha.”

“Upong koreano bakla agad? Mga ulol hahahaha.”

The comedy superstar Vice Ganda has finally confirmed being in a romantic relationship with Ion Perez. It was during the anniversary of It’s Showtime last October 26 that Vice confirmed the relationship and said that he found a “katuwang sa buhay (partner in life).”

“Freedom is bliss. It’s liberating,” Vice said. “Mas masarap kumilos, hindi nakakangawit, wala kang iniisip. Mas na eenjoy namin yung buhay.”

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