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PMA Strikes Back Governor Gwen Garcia For Downgrading Doctors Instead of Supporting Fight Against COVID-19

The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) claps back to Cebu City Governor Gwendolyn Garcia on Friday for belittling the efforts of our Medical Doctors and health practitioners in their effors to fight against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Based on the report from GMA news “Unang Balita” the PMA that instead of she deplored the doctors why don’t she just give her moral support for the medical frontliners in Cebu, as Governor Garcia inclined to water their services down.

Instead of thanking them for their priceless service and their good faith in promoting the correct safeguards and health protocols, she [Garcia] attacked their integrity and good name. This is completely unacceptable,” the PMA said in a statement as per the report.

But according to Gov. Garcia, she said in the statement earlier that, “from the first time that we began promoting steam inhalation, we have never, ever claimed that this is a cure for COVID-19 because, in the first place, their is no cure yet.”

However, the PMA insisted that steam inhalation (tuob) could even scatter the coronavirus, multiplying the possibility of contagion.

Contrary to [Cebu governor Garcia’s claims], the tuob does not treat COVID-19. Worse, it may facilitate the virus’ aerosolization and contamination of nearby persons, objects or surfaces… and [tuob] might promote a false sense of security…,” they added.

Moreover, as of the report, the Department of Health (DOH) agreed to the claims of PMA saying there is no scientific study yet to prove that tuob is an effective antidote to COVID-19.

On the past few weeks, Gov. Garcia has gone about promoting tuob to the barangays as a possible home remedy to the dreaded pandemic, after her niece in New Jersey, the daughter of her brother Mayor Garcia of Barili town, supposedly got healed of COVID-19 infection without medical help.

However, experts have repeatedly explained that there is yet no scientific study showing that the home remedy for flu and common colds practiced for hundreds of years in Asian countries, has therapeutic value to cure the COVID-19 disease.

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