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Cebu City Governor Gwen Garcia to Dr. Lani Rae Seeto “COME!!! SLAP ME”

Governor Gwendolyn Garcia in her most recent press conference, June 23, doxed and publicly shamed a doctor— a health professional. The hashtag #NoToDoctorShaming went viral on Twitter.

Dr. Lani Rae Seeto posted on her official facebook page, “Ganahan man siguro ni xa magpasagpa…..bcn ganahan mo daoban ta mo para deretso creamte puede sagpaon nko xa kausa lang.”

The Cebu City Governor replies to Seeto posts, “Ako imo’y sagpaon, Ali dia rako,” (You want to slap me? Come I’m here.”

Watch the full video below:

Recently, Gwen Garcia also announced publicly the name of Dr. Candy Krista Abrera Pilapil who released this statement, “Juskolord natuk-an ko. Kung makada’g memorandum, murag doctor naka prescribe. Mahurot jud nang empleyado sa workstations.”

According to NETIZENS, “Ofc no to all forms of shaming but rn doctor ang na bash hence #NoToDoctorShaming It’s not about how the Capitol isn’t forcing tuob to anyone. It’s about the Capitol’s tuob advocacy despite saying it’s not a cure but cites testimonials from covid+ patients (mild/asymptomatic).”

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