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PERSONAL FACTS: Who Is Willie Asuncion The Father Of Amira Alawis’ Baby? Plus Dark Secrets And Etc.

Making noise now in social media is the name Willie Asuncion the father of Amira Alawi baby the sister of well known vlogger and actress Ivana Alawi.

Asuncion becomes hot in the public eyes when Fatima Alawi the mother of Amira exposes his dark secrets for being a womanizer and irresponsible father to his child in Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo In Action.

Here are his personal facts and information:

Willie Asuncion Facebook account

It is revealed that Asuncion owns a FM station not located here in the country but abroad, he is also a member of a prestigious yacht club meaning he is rich.

It is reported that he has many luxurious cars on his possession.


Asuncion is an entrepreneur businessman expert in marketing, business management, planning and many more.

He is an owner of a FM station based in California.


An Alumi of Ateneo De Manila University and take up college in Berkeley and graduated on the year 1990.


  • Former cabin crew of the Philippine Airlines (June 1983-December 2004)
  • Ex- president of High Accuracy Transcription Services, Inc. (2003-2008)
  • Chief operating officer (COO) of HATS Business Solutions since 2005
  • President and marketing manager of Loopwing Philippines since January 2009

Some claimed that this man should not be condemned due to the fact it is Amiras fault knowing that he is married that time but she chooses to be with him, just to clarify things up according to Fatima Alawi, Mr. Asuncion tells his daughter he is single and offered 5 million pesos to buy their baby which is not a good thing to do.

The program also revealed that Amira is not the only victim of this man, but there are also reports of him being in a relationship with another woman, in fact, he has also a child with the woman.


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